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Last month we traveled to Sedona to relax and enjoy the fall season changes. We stayed at Junipine Resorts in the middle of the pines and next to Oak Creek. Junipine has a number of cabins located creekside and forest side to choose from. The best part of staying here is you enjoy all the comfort of renting a private home or condo, but still have room service and daily cleanup available as you would in any hotel. Our cabins was just the right size for a family of four. The kids loved staying upstairs in their own room and we enjoyed the fireplace in our room. We ate lunch outside on the balcony, where we could just catch a glimpse of the creek and hear the water flow. Every night was cold enough for a fire and clear enough for some great star-gazing, something we can't really do at home in the Valley.

We went hiking and shopping, and enjoyed several excellent galleries and of course we took the kids to the trout farm for some guaranteed fun fishing. Early one afternoon, we found a small wine shop that also made delicious sandwiches so we packed a basket, added a bottle of wine and went on a picnic.

We all got up early one Sunday morning and drove the couple of miles to Oak Creek Park. We deposited our money into the park box and once inside we hiked down to the creek and found we were the only people there! The morning was still cool and very clear and we got some amazing pictures. We were able to watch the sun as it rose all across the canyon and seeing the play of light across the rocks and water was incredible. Soon, it was time to go and even though we all had a great time, we couldn't wait to get back home to Ahwatukee.