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Business Travel and Dining Reviews
If you travel, especially on business, you may have little time to look for somewhere to eat lunch or dinnr. The task becomes even more difficult when brining a client. Below are a few websites that can help.

The sites has the most comprehensive selection of restaurants and reviews. The ratings on the site are the same as the popular opinion ratings that are used in their books for the last two decades. Listings are updated annually and include a variety of dining experiences. Along with the United States you will find listing for Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, Paris and London. The search functionality allows you to cross-reference restaurants by neighborhood, type and up to three different kinds of cuisine. You can also set minimum or maximum prices and ratings for food, atmosphere, service and some cities have a "Top Business Entertaining" selection.

City Search
This site provides local business and entertainment listings for all major cities nationwide as well as some in Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and Asia.