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We all want to eat right and be healthy. Eating the foods that make you feel good in the amounts you need is one the best ways to stay healthy and live better. Take a look at our recipes and tips for eating right everyday.

If you or anyone you know has any questions at all about losing weight or maintaining your weight and don't want to try yet another diet - please see the Changing Weighs section to make a real change in your life. Featured here are also wonderful tips on helping your children learn how to start eating right for life - right now.

Useful tips from Michelle May of Changing Weighs and some of her patients:

Great Activity:
Yoga DVD: "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss", Deluxe DVD Edition with Suzanne Deason, produced by GAIAM.

Favorite "Fast" Food:
AMY's Organic Tomato and Spinach Pizza (availalbe at Trader Joes and AJs)

Resource on Restaurant Nutrition Facts:
"Restaurant Confidential" authored by Michael F. Jacobson, PhD., and Jayne Hurley, R.D.