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If your tired of people speeding or dangerously cutting you off - take down their license plate # and call the HOTLINE at 602.534.SPED and report them!

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Information you need to know!

Arizona Medical Board
Official website of the Arizona Medical Board where you can "check up on your doctor" by looking at his or her profile.

Arizona Sex Offenders
Information about sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Police Patrols
If your on vacation - you know to stop the mail and the newspaper - but do you plan for extra police patrols?
To setup extra police patrols - go to the website above and click on :
Police Partnerships
Vacation Watch
Patrol watch
To report any suspicious activity call 602-262-6151.

Wild Horse Pass Resort

Resort Photo Gallery (very graphic intensive - please be patient!)
Aji Spa *Internet Special:
Wild Horse Pass Resort
Other contact information is as follows:
Tel: 602.225.0100
Fax: 602.225.0300
E-mail: info@wildhorsepassresort.com
Monday thru Thursday receive 20% OFF!! spa treatments
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Money Magazine
Best Places to Live:

We have had a lot of email regarding this article and particularly about what zip codes are in Ahwatukee. Here they are:
85044 East Ahwatukee and Mountain Park Ranch Area
85045 West Ahwatukee
85048 Central Ahwatukee and the Foothills
According to the December 2002 issue of Money magazine, Phoenix and specifically Ahwatukee is one of the top places to live. You can read more at:

CNN Money Best Places

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About Ahwatukeelife

This site has been created for the Ahwatukee community. It is an online source of information for those who live the foothills life. You will recognize your friends, neighbors and business associates as you visit each section. Your favorite shops and favorite stops in the foothills, brought to you in one place. Hopefully you will find something new to do and someplace new to visit in the community.

Although our focus is on our community, we realize that sometimes we have to cross the Interstate. There are some things that are actually not available in our village and some of us must leave Ahwatukee and go work in the big city. For those rare occasions we have tried to bring a variety of great spots outside our borders.