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Dale E. Kesel
P.O. Box 50662
Phoenix, AZ 85076
p 480-496-9272
email: dkesel@keselimages.com
Kesel Photography
Kesel Images

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Fall Paralata Hike

What locals call "God's Country" and view the photos.

Professional photographer residing in Ahwatukee.
Previously owned and operated Spectrum Photography for 12 years.
2002 Governor's Arts Awards nominee for Art in Education - Arizona.
20 years experience in marketing and advertising with major national agencies and corporations.
Winner of three American Marketing Association "Effie Awards" for the most effective advertising campaigns ever produced.
M.S. Degree in Communications from the University of Illinois
B.S. Degree in Advertising from Ferris State College
A.A.S. Degree in commercial Art from Ferris State College
Former Territorial Vice-President of the Photo Marketing Association International
Creator of "Art As I See It" program implemented through the YMCA for discovering and developing creative abilities using photography as a tool.
Initiator of ongoing creative education and self-development courses and seminars for adults based on photography.
Long time resident of the Ahwautkee-Foothills community
Featured Artist at Vision Gallery in Chandler, AZ.
Featured Artist at Chandler Center for the Arts June, 2003
Teacher of photography courses at South Mountain Community College.
Dale's dramatic images of the Southwest are displayed in several corporate office buildings, including Safeway's Regional Headquarters.

Artist's Statement

Like all artists, I deal in a world of images. My medium of choice is photography. My work is driven by a desire to communicate, to give menacing, to create understanding, to stimulate thought and to fire emotions within those who view it.

Imagination and patience are the key virtues from which my photographic images spring. Imagination allows me to see the extraordinary within the ordinary or mundane. It allows me to see possibilities where others might see none. It inspires me to select points of view that are unexpected and to tinker with reality just enough to provoke a little further thought on behalf of my viewers.

Patience gives the imagination time to work - time to examine and execute many different executions in order to arrive a the one that expresses the idea in the most powerful way.

Pursuing my passion for exciting, thought-provoking images born out of the personalities of people and the natural events of nature and history is a lifelong commitment, the energy for which gets regenerated at a higher level every time I take a trip into the field with my camera.

Dale E. Kesel