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Be sure and check out the spa you will be visiting beforehand and get as much information as possible about what to expect. If you are uncomfortable being completely undressed, then don't get completely undressed, you can wear undergarments.

If you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, pregnant, or post surgical, let the staff know ahead of time.
**If you are allergic to iodine or seafood, avoid all seaweed or other marine treatments.

Aromatherapy: Treatments including massage, facials, body wraps and baths that use fragrant essential oils.

Ayuveda: Ancient system of traditional fold medicine from India. Herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, massage and meditation.

Dead Sea Mud Treatment: An application of mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Deep Tissue: This treatment focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue in order to release chronic muscular tension. The therapist uses slow strokes and pressure. This is not a relaxation massage, it is very firm.

Dry Brush: A brushing of the skin with a natural bristle brush to remove dead skin and impurities while stimulating circulation.

Exfoliation: A process where the top layer of dead skin cells is sloughed off the face or body.

Herbal Wrap: A body wrap using sheets of cloth that are soaked in hot herbal solution and wrapped around the body to encourage perspiration and relaxation.

Hydrotherapy: Includes underwater jet massage, showers and mineral baths.

Hot Stone Therapy: A massage using smooth, dark, heated stones to relieve stiffness and soreness and restore energy.

Reflexology: Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Reiki: Japanese technique of laying on of hands to bring energy into the body for deep relaxation and a sense of well being.

Sauna: A hot, dry, wood-lined room used for relaxing while sitting or lying down.

Seaweed Wrap: Body wrap of concentrated seawater and seaweed with minerals, trace elements, vitamins and proteins.

Shiatsu: A pressure-point massage technique developed in Japan. finger pressure is applied to specific point on the body to stimulate meridians.

Sports Massage: Sports massage is similar to Swedish and deep tissue massages which are firmer than simple rubbing.

Swedish Massage: A therapist, manipulates muscles using massage oil and using a variety of strokes.