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Kangaroo Kabobs (courtesy of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute)
1 kangaroo loin diced 1 inch by 1 inch
8 ea long rosemary stems
4 oz fresh morel mushrooms
2 ea yellow peppers
2 cups cooked cous cous
To taste salt and pepper

Skewer roo loin, morels and yellow peppers with rosemary, season and grill until medium rare.
Serve over cous cous

What is Riesling?
A lot of people believe that Riesling's are sweet wines, and indeed they can by, however many of the Rieslings from Australia are dry, and full of fruit. This has been shown by those of you who have purchased the 1006 D'arenberg Dry Dam Riesling.
The following will give you an idea of what to expect from Australian Rieslings.
Characterized by small very tight bunches will small, round spotted berries, colored greenish yellow through to gold when exposed to the sun and fully ripe.
Riesling grapes can be made into dry, semi-sweet or sweet white wine styles.
Regarded as one of the world's classic grape varieties
Dry Riesling wines are distinctively Australian, consisting of a refreshing acidity and enticing flavors.
Light to medium bodied.
The best have an intensity of flavor providing depth to the middle palate
Generally Australian Rieslings have more palate weight than many of their European counterparts, a bonus of our vineyard climates being warmer than those in Germany, allowing our grapes to reach full ripeness in most years.
Rielsing wines are made with meticulous care from highly clarified juice fermented at low temperatures and protected from oxidation throughout their making. The prime concern of the winemaker is to maintain intensity of primary fruit characters and freshness, so these wines do not undergo malo-lactic fermentation and are not stored in oak barrels. Although pleasing to drink soon after release, quality Riesling wines can also be enjoyed after a period of aging in the bottle' the toasty, honey characters that develop with age add further dimensions to their taste.
Young dry Riesling wines can be used as an apertif or to accompany seafood, salads and food from the Asian regions, while aged Rieslings, because of their greater complexity, match a wider range of foods, including chicken and lighter meat dishes.

Screwcap Wine Seals

Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand's Forrest Estate Vineyards that are all sealed with screwcaps rather than the traditional cork.
Fact: Screwcap wine seals eliminate wine oxidation (rapid aging, discoloration and the loss of fruit flavors) that occurs due to air leakage with other closure types.
Did you know? A number of highly respected wineries from various parts of the globe store their own 'library stock' wines under screwcap wine seals to ensure that the wines are not at risk of oxidation or taint. Wines will cellar at least as long under screwcaps as they will under natural cork (wineries cellaring stocks long-term generally re-cork every 25 years).
Q. Will screwcap closures allow wine to age?
Yes - Wine aging is a function of the natural chemical characters in the wine and will occur over time - irrespective of the bottle closure. "There is sufficient oxygen in the wine and in the head space to allow that part of development which requires oxygen to take place and what is more much of the development will take place anaerobically (without oxygen)" James Halliday - Australian wine writer.