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In this section we hope to provide you with information that can help you understand why you need a presence online.

Why should I have a website?
The primary reason for a business or an individual to have a website, is to provide information. When you create a brochure or run a magazine, television or radio ad, you are trying to share information about yourself and your business with others.

I already advertise offline.
The quality and the amount of information that customers can receive about you online, is unequaled by any phonebook ad, billboard, magazine, radio or television commercial you can run. Most people will look for you or your business online first. Some people will no longer shop with a merchant or vendor if they do not have a website. A website gives a business credibility and legitimacy. If someone is looking for you online - what will they find right now? Your competitor?

How will I benefit?
Next time you are trying to think of new ways to grow your business - think online. A well-done website is a perfect way to grow your business and increase benefits for both you and your customer, without some of the drawbacks of the offline world, such as additional traffic, parking or a new location. It is a low cost and effective way to bring in a wider demographic and significantly increase growth. Also consider some of those people who cannot easily access your business or services currently, such as the handicapped, older adults, those individuals recovering from illness or surgery and new mothers. They are going online to find goods and services. Can they find you?

I already have a website.
Your website is your business online. Just as you wouldn't want someone to come into your store and find the shelves empty, you wouldn't want someone to visit your incomplete or unprofessional website. Your site represents who you are. Many people form impressions based on how your website looks, just as they do when they come into your store, read your brochures, see your business cards and touch your product. First impressions do count.
If you do already have a website, remember to make changes, update, optimize and maintain your site. Again this does not have to be costly, but it will help drive repeat visits to your site. Try and think of new and creative ways to use your site. Remember that you can always grow your site in phases, just as when your store needs improvements, you plan for and budget for those changes.

I travel and need to be able to work remotely
If your thinking about working remotely we can help you manage your entire business safely and securely from anywhere in the world using any Internet connection.

I have customers all over the world.
We have done complete translations for international sites in several different languages. These sites included company information, database functionality for all product photos, descriptions and purchasing details.

I need my customers to be able to register or pay online.
There are many different ways to handle bulk information gathering, reporting and online payments that we can help you with.

What about Security?
Security is a process - not a product. This means that you must always stay on top of the current security issues, it is not simply a one time product purchase. It is a risk management issue and in order to manage those risks you need to be aware of what it is you are trying to secure and why. It requires project planning, implementation, commitment and most importantly follow through. We are also available to do Network Security scans and intrusion detection. Our SANS certified security consultant can help answer all your security questions.

I need to be able to update my information myself.
We have developed online administration tools for our customers so that they have the freedom to update their information just as though they are typing in a word document. This way you are not required to contact us or any other developer when you need changes made in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or at a show.

I need help with marketing.
We can help you with logo designs, graphic art designs, marketing materials development, complete CD production and multi-media productions. We have prepared sales, marketing and informational presentations for everyone from home based business' to the Department of Defense and we can help you with yours.

What about hosting?
We can provide whatever type of hosting you need. Shared environments, Dedicated servers, PCI compliant, we can handle them all in one place. This makes development easy and keeps cost down.

At SnR Designs we develop software solutions that are based on the specific needs of you, our client. That solution may be a website, a program that simply runs on one computer in your home, home based office or networked office. Since every client we see is unique, in terms of their industry, culture, goals and needs, we customize every project to them. This does not translate into increased costs for the client. We meet for a free initial consultation, come back to you with cost, timelines and designs.
If you have any questions, please contact us at:
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